Angler Vinayak – Goa

Angler Vinayak From Goa

Turning his passion into his professions

Angler Vinayak From Goa

Vinayak Bodnekar, is one of the most popular person among the Angling circles of the west coast of India. Vinayak was bitten hard by the fishing Bug at an early age so much so, that it lead to him starting his own Angling store, the Vinaayak Fishing Tackle Store which within a short span of time has grown to become one of the most popular (if not the most popular) go-to point for any quality angling items in North Goa.

Despite being on a very busy schedule, Vinayak always finds the time to grab his latest Rod and Reel set and dash off to the nearest fishing spots to catch some big Snappers , Barras, GT’s or Snake Heads. Vinayak is always forthcoming in making the right recommendations to his purchasers and thus his shop has built a very steady and loyal following of customers over time.

As enthusiastic as he is about big game Angling, Vinayak has also made a recent trip to the Andamans where he came up with many prized exploits. You can see the gallery below. So if anyone out there wants to have an opinion on the latest and best tackle items in town, you can always call Vinayak or can drop a message on any of his social media handles given below.

Well who doesn’t want to own a Tackle Store specially when it allows you to test so much of the Tackle you yourself sell. Vinayak being the enthusiast he is has a new set of gear every few months and has a huge tackle box so taking a pick of his favorite gear is something he will not do and as such we haven’t been able to list them out for you here.

But one day we wish to get the secret out of hm!!! Of course we will keep you posted. Until them please pay him a visit if you need any tackle items or just some advice on how to catch that 20 Kg Barra. You can as well order all of Vinaayak Fishing Tackle items from Shop at the very same cost and we will get it delivered to you.

Say hello to  Vinayak on his social media handles on Instagram and facebook below.

Angler Vinayak Vasant Bodnekar KINGFISH
Angler Vinayak Vasant Bodnekar STANDING
Angler Vinayak Vasant Bodnekar SNAKEHEAD
Angler Vinayak Vasant Bodnekar RED SNAPPER
Angler Vinayak Vasant Bodnekar GT SMACKING LIPS
Angler Vinayak Vasant Bodnekar THREADFIN SALMON
Angler Vinayak Vasant Bodnekar GT COAST

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