We are certain that you must have come to Goa often as a Tourist and eaten a lot of fish, however, have you ever thought that there could be that perfect friend in Goa who can help you catch fish and then cook up a nice outdoor meal for you too? Well wait it doesn't end there... he could also take you Crab hunting and Calm foraging ... yes you read that right!

So here is the big reveal. THE GOAN FRIEND could be the perfect travel mate for your next offbeat fishing adventures when you head down to Goa on your next trip.

Welcome to "The Goan Friend," your ultimate destination for an array of exciting fishing adventures and outdoor activities that showcase the best of Goa's natural beauty. With a range of meticulously crafted packages, they offer something for everyone, from novice anglers to seasoned sea explorers. Here are a few of their angling related packages

"Get Hooked On Fishing": Perfect for beginners, this package provides a gentle introduction to the world of angling. Learn the basics, catch your first fish, and savor the thrill of your initial catch.

"Spin Fishing Expedition": Designed for intermediate anglers, embark on a thrilling adventure off the Goan coast. Our experienced guides will take you to the best spots for an exciting day of spin fishing.

"Sea Fishing Expedition": Explore the deeper waters of North and South Goa with this advanced package. Challenge yourself to catch larger and more elusive fish as you soak in the beauty of the Arabian Sea.

"Tidepooling": Dive into the mesmerizing intratidal zones and uncover hidden treasures of the coastal ecosystem. This package offers an educational and fascinating experience for nature enthusiasts.

"Private Yacht Fishing Expeditions": Indulge in the epitome of luxury fishing experiences. Charter a private yacht and embark on a personalized angling adventure with family or friends.

"Learn the Art of Crabbing (Catch and Cook)": Join us for a hands-on crabbing experience, followed by a cooking session where you'll learn to prepare your delicious crab dish.

"Clam Catch and Cook": Dive into the world of clamming, and later, enjoy the fruits of your labor with a mouthwatering clam-based meal.

Plus, don't miss our casual expeditions like the "Seaside Summer Camp," where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the serene beauty of Goa's shores.

At "The Goan Friend," we're more than just fishing; we're your companions on a journey to explore, learn, and connect with the incredible coastal environment of Goa. Join us for an unforgettable adventure that caters to your interests and skill level. Explore our packages today and book your next adventure!

Read a bit more about a few of their hand picked fishing related adventures below!

Get Hooked On Fishing

This is where you will basically "Learn To Fish"


As they say “The early bird catches the Worm”, the experience begins early
in the morning in Baga. The Necessary gear will be provided depending
on your prior fishing experience. As we trek towards our first fishing
spot, we will brush on the safety requirements for this activity as well
as you will be introduced to the equipment which will be utilized for
the activity. We will fish at the spot until the fish bites decrease and
once you are accustomed to the surroundings we will make our way to
another hidden spot which is very scenic and breathtaking. Make sure you
are ready and your lines are tight at all times, as you may have the
bite of your lifetime.


This Fishing Experience is going to be just the beginning to a whole new
world of Angling. If you are a beginner need not worry, you will learn
to fish from scratch. I will assure everyone experiences the feeling of
“one last catch” having you ‘Hooked on’ for more!

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Sea Fishing Expeditions (North Or South Goa)

Most of the
world is covered with water, our job is to pick out the best spots to
fish. On this advanced fishing trip, we will head off to sea in chase of
catching the elusive monster fish we always dreamed of. The location is
about 40 mins of sailing from the shore. Once the anchors are away, we
begin casting our lines out, we will try different techniques and baits
like bottom jigging, surface jigging, Popping and soft plastics in
search of a Predator. If the catching is not good at one spot we’ll
quickly move to a different location.

And these are organized in North & South Goa both

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The Goan Friend Learn Teh Art Of Crabbing or Crab Catching

Private Yacht Fishing Expeditions

Embark on a Yacht Fishing Expedition with The Goan Friend

Escape the ordinary and embark on an unforgettable journey through nature's
untouched wonders with our Exclusive boat fishing experience in the
serene river backwaters. Cruise through winding waterways, surrounded by
lush greenery and tranquil waters, all while indulging in the art of
fishing. Our exclusive experiences combine the comfort of a boat with
the thrill of angling in some of the most picturesque settings in the


Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice, our expert guides will ensure you have a memorable time. You will learn various techniques of fishing
including fishing with live bait and artificial lures while targeting a
variety of fish species, including catfish, bream, snapper, and even the
elusive barramundi. Your expert guide will help you navigate the waters
and discover the best spots to reel in your dream catch.

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The Goan Friend Learn Teh Art Of Crabbing or Crab Catching

Learn the art of Crabbing

We will learn the traditional methods of crab catching while setting traps
in the ideal spots where crabs are hiding. We'll start cooking our haul
once we've caught a few crabs. Prepare to savor the finest crabs
prepared into a traditional Goan dish called "The Crab Xacuti."

We'll provide insights on the nature of crabbing and fishing, what crabs like
to eat and why the river is home to a large and distinctly diverse crab
and shellfish population. Once we arrive at our spot, we'll provide a
thorough overview of the equipment and tactics needed for crabbing.
Crabbing is a respectful sport so we aim to catch and release the crabs
back in their environment.

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Clam Catch and cook

Ever wondered how clams are caught? 


On this journey you will dive into the river to hunt the clams that are
deposited beneath the surface of the Sand. We will travel on a Canoe to
reach the location, so be prepared for a scenic ride along the
Mangroves. Once at the Location, you will wade through the water and the
sand to get to the collecting area, so be prepared to get wet. 


We will immerse ourselves in this traditional art of clam hunting,
Literally. We will walk you through the various techniques used to catch
and gather clams. Once we’ve gathered enough clams, you will learn how to clean the clams thoroughly and get them ready for cooking. We’ll whip
up a local clam recipe and enjoy it with a poei bread. This experience
takes place in the river and depends upon tide movements. You will have a
merry time learning this local hunting and foraging method and also
tasting this local delicacy.

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The Goan Friend Catch and Cook Clams


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