Line Thickness: 0.30 MM
Line Length: 110Yd/100Mt
Line Colour: Clear
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  • The easy casting fluorocarbon
  • The best Vanish formula ever
  • Remains clear under water – 100% fluorocarbon refracts light similar to water
  • Sinks under water – more sensitive and a more direct profile from rod tip to lure
  • Optimal Wet Strength – Non-absorbing fluorocarbon maintains strength and abrasion resistance under water
  • Flexible – Traditional fluorocarbons are stiff, Vanish is designed to be more flexible
  • One of the Most Sold Fishing Lines Ever

ADVERTISED DIAMETER 0.009in | 0.22mm 0.010in | 0.25mm 0.011in | 0.27mm 0.012in | 0.30mm 0.013in | 0.33mm
BREAK STRENGTH 6lb | 2.7kg 8lb | 3.6kg 10lb | 4.5kg 12lb | 5.4kg 14lb | 6.3kg
ADVERTISED LENGTH 110yd | 100m 110yd | 100m 110yd | 100m 110yd | 100m 110yd | 100m

ADVERTISED DIAMETER 0.007in | 0.17mm 0.006in | 0.15mm 0.016in | 0.40mm 0.020in | 0.50mm 0.022in | 0.55mm
BREAK STRENGTH 4lb | 1.8kg 2lb | 0.9kg 20lb | 9kg 30lb | 13.6kg 40lb | 18.1kg
ADVERTISED LENGTH 110yd | 100m 110yd | 100m 350yd | 320m 350yd | 320m 350yd | 320m

ADVERTISED DIAMETER 0.012in | 0.30mm 0.013in | 0.33mm 0.015in | 0.38mm 0.016in | 0.40mm
BREAK STRENGTH 12lb | 5.4kg 14lb | 6.3kg 17lb | 7.7kg 20lb | 9kg
ADVERTISED LENGTH 250yd | 228m 250yd | 228m 250yd | 228m 250yd | 228m

Since the launch of fluorocarbon line, Berkley has been giving anglers the most technologically advanced lines available, and now they’re doing it again with the Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon Line. When faced with a tough bite or clear water conditions, the Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon disappears under water to give anglers a virtually invisible line choice. Now, the Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon line is also softer and more flexible for less tangles and easier casting – even on spinning gear. Next time you’re spooling up with fluorocarbon make sure it’s Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon.

Easy-casting Berkley Vanish has become a popular mainline fluorocarbon in the U.S. and Canada. We have been continuously improving the Vanish formula since it was introduced 15 years ago, to ensure your satisfaction. One of the great values in 100% fluorocarbon line!

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