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Daiwa RX LT 5000 C Spinning Reels

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Based on 320 reviews
Best lure for barramundi & red snapper

One time 2 red snapper

Sea Rock Fishing Gaff Stainless With Aluminum Alloy EVA Spear 65 Cm

I received the parcel safely. And this item is very good. I liked it very much. Thank you🙂🙂

VMC Hook #10

Great Hook..I ve been using them quite long, they giving great performance.Seller is very responsive and remarkable.But only the quantity of Hooks is 95 number instead of 100

Uzzo twisters

Awesome product

Worst hook

Today I brought this lure when strike Small mahseer hook is straight so it had worst hook

Very good product

Its very useful for me best product from fisherman hub

Great fishing line for hand fishing

Love how it holds

All caught with suffix duraflex

Great line for handling fishing

Super light

Quality reel, super finish.



Good quality

Good quality for frog

.I HV catch many barramundi and snapper on this . Lure at very low rate

Very nice lure good for trolling and spinning .I HV catch many barramundi and snapper on this . Lure at very low rate that helps many angler to target their dream fish

Lucana capri

Best lure for UL fishing. Affordable lure. I ve caught variety of fishes with it.

Gillies Classic 120 Series Hard Lures | 12 Cm | Depth 1 Mt , 2 Mt | Floating |

Benthic chilwa minnow

Best lure for barramundi, trevallly and snapper


Value for money, compulsory item for fishing

komodo spinner

komodo spinner is best for snakehead fishing

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
penn squadron rod

i brought this rod very good one

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Strom bara

Nice catch red snapper on storm bara

Caught on electric chicken

Very good caught, thank you fishermen hub

Lead Egg Fishing Sinkers | Fishing Weights | 3.5 - 28 Gm |

Nice people

Since i found the place. I always go there and buy my fishing stock. Lot of things i bought from them and reasonable rates..i recommend to you,if you really looking for some fishing items, visit there..( specially, staff is very helpful there. They listen and try to provide you gently..) if you are looking something which is not available.. they're going to order for you. As i bought today lucana Komodo reel... which they ordered for me... Thanks for your service.😊

We thank you so much for this review. Its such kind words by our customers that keep us going