Refund policy

Refund/Return Policy

In case a product is found to be damaged in any way the same can be returned only within 48 Hours of the receipt of the same by purchaser. If such a return is initiated, the same needs to be intimated to Fishermanshub on and to the respective Vendor/Seller on their email id, within 24 Hours of receipt of the product. The email should accompany pictures showing the damage and the points encapsulating the nature of damage along with the invoice and order copy and details of the product. Products which are found to be damaged inside original packaging (especially imported products), may or may not be replaced as per the discretion of the Vendor/Seller and the buyer can take up the matter with the brand or its distributor directly. Return/refund requests will only be entertained in case of damage to product and not to packaging or anything else. Returns will not be entertained in case the dispatched order is right and if the buyer is returning if he/she has a change of heart. Product model colour variations etc cannot be stated as reason for return and it is for the buyer to verify actual colour of models / changes in design etc if any incorporated by the brand as on date of order, before placing the order. As brands keep changing models from time to time, sometimes displayed product pictures may not completely match available variations and the buyers should confirm this before placing order and such return requests may not be entertained by the sellers/store as per their discretion.  In case of any disputes the matter can be escalated to Fishermanshub by sending an email to enlisting the nature of the dispute and we will try to resolve it at the earliest in the most logical way possible. The ultimate decision to reverse an order and refund the money will rest entirely on the seller and in case of further escalation of dispute, with Fishermanshub and buyer will have no say in the same. All returns may invite certain fee deductions if applicable.

The dimensions of products as stated on the product page including but not limited to attributes like length, width, dive depth, buoyancy, retrieve dynamics, make, shape, weights, Volumes, cast distance, ball bearings, gear ratio, action/power, type of parts used, material used, no of parts like guides and pieces of rods etc may not always be accurate. We try to gather as much information as possible of all products at our end but many a times brands are not forthcoming and change model specifications without informing us about the same. In such cases it would be nice if buyer verifies the attribute on the brand website or with the supplier and then places order. Such variations in the attribute may not always be entertained as reasons for initiating replacement or refund and final decision will rest with fishermanshub for the same.

In case a return is approved by store/fishermanshub, the purchaser will have to pack the product with all safeguards in such a way that the product is not damaged during the return and the purchaser will have to bear the cost of the dispatch and also the new dispatch if a replacement is initiated. In certain cases, the purchaser will be refunded for the cost of shipping and this will entirely rest with fishermanshub/the seller.

In cases where the disputes are novel in nature the decision to refund will rest entirely with seller/Fishermanshub and buyer will have no say in the same.



Cancellation/Returns / Exchange


Order Cancelations

Orders once placed cannot be cancelled unless within 24 hours of placing the order. Orders once paid for by sellers cannot be cancelled under any circumstance and if so done, appropriate shipping and handling charges will be deducted from the buyer in case the request is accepted. Dispatched orders cannot be cancelled under any circumstances. The ultimate decision to reverse an order and refund the money will rest entirely on the seller and with Fishermanshub. The seller and buyer will have no say in the same. All returns may invite certain deductions if applicable.



General Rules

In all matters of any dispute the decision taken by fishermanshub will be final and binding on both the purchaser and seller and the purchaser will have no right to go against the same and if the purchaser places the order it is agreed that he/she/they are doing so only on accepting all the above terms and conditions.