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We are fishermanshub.com , an online fishing tackle store catering not only all India but also the world.


Anglers are a very small community in India and the sport is slowly picking up pace. As we all know angling equipment can cut quite a budget and it could take quite some time and a number of lure losses before an angler starts to get a hang of things.


This will be our small effort to give the best angling deals to anglers from all over India in one place so that angling can be a bit more affordable to the community and at the same time help advanced angling equipment reach the interiors of India. We also help other sellers sell on our website so that shoppers get the best possible deals. As we go on, we wish to add more sellers to our roster offering a wider range of products.


As for those wanting to sell their used equipment, all you can do is ping us on our whatsapp or on our social profiles with the details of the tackle unit you wish to sell, a small description with reasonable expected price and a few good pics an and we will help you find a buyer.


So here we go. In case you wish to write to us or get in touch with us, you can do so by messaging us on +91-70582 47482 or emailing us on mail@fishermanshub.com or on fishermanshub.com@gmail.com .


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