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  • Neat and Strong Lure Clip
  • Allows Rapid Lure Changes
  • Secure Lightweight Minimal restriction to Lure Action
  • Ideal for making quick, on-water changes
  • Provides secure connection and more naturalized presentation.
Model No. Size Weight Qty/pk
MA028-BN-4-10 4 170lbs/77kg 10
MA028-BN-5-10 5 194lbs/88kg 10

The Mustad Duo Lock snap is a fine presentation swivel with no compromise on strength. Using small lures or crankbaits, a heavy snap will alter the balance and action of the lure, not the Duo Snap. The wide round bend also provides a larger hanging area, which will allow the bait to swing more freely for a natural presentation. When choosing a snap always go small. Pick a snap, which will match the breaking strength of your line. This will give the best performance and presentation. When tying your fishing line to the snap eye make sure to center the knot, as this will ensure the best presentation.

Ideal for making quick, on-water changes, the Mustad Duo Lock Snap provides increased efficiency, a secure connection, and a more naturalized presentation. Designed with simple, yet dependable hooked closure, the Mustad Duo-Lock Snap allows anglers to swap out lures in seconds and without having to re-tie. Formed with a larger hanging area than most swivels or split rings, the Mustad KVD Duo Lock Snap provides lures with more freedom of movement. A must-have for any tackle box, the Mustad Duo-Lock Snap may not make you as good of an angler as KVD, but it's a start.

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