Rapala Shadow Rap Deep Hard Lure

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Rapala Shadow Rap Deep Hard Lure

  • Textured Scale Body with Translucent Finishes
  • Slow-Sinking on Pause
  • Sharp Left to Right Turns Hard Flash Movement, responsive tight turning jerk bait action
  • Bass, Multi-Species Gamefish
  • VMC Fine Wire Round Bend Hooks
  • Casting
  • Running Depth - 4 ft. to 8 ft.
  • Mimics a dying baitfish
  • Tungsten & Steel weights for perfect balance
  • Hand-Tuned & Tank-Tested
  • Incredible Life-Like Finishes
  • Kicks Almost 180 Degrees Right Then Left
  • Action Keeps Shadow Rap Deep in Strike Zone Longer
  • Patent Pending Action
Model Number Running Depth Body Length Weight Treble Hooks
SDRD11 4-8 Feet / 1.2 - 2.4 Meters 11 Cm 13 Gm Three No. 6

The Shadow Rap Deep combines a horizontal struggle with a vertical fade that perfectly mimics a minnow in trouble in the 4-8 foot depth range. Rapala has perfected the natural minnow action in this new jerkbait that triggers fish in three ways: on the kick, on a slow fading fall and on the snap back to life. Most jerk baits continue on a forward plane with each jerk. Not the Shadow Rap Deep. It kicks almost 180 degrees right then left, so it can be fished nearly in place with very little forward travel, keeping the flickering fade right in a fish's strike zone. IT’S ABOUT THE STRUGGLE Kicking almost 180 degrees right then left, with very little forward travel, it stays in the strike zone. HEAD DOWN ATTITUDE Head down, ready to work, the fixed weight system allows lure to fade slowly like a dying minnow. SLACK LINE LOOK BACK After a sharp snap and generous slack line, it will actually spin around and look backwards. 

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