Rapala X Rap Countdown Hard Lures

Length: 7 Cm
Lure Colour: GLASS GHOST
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Rapala X Rap Countdown Hard Lures

  • Steady Sinking Rate Lure
  • X-Style Translucent Body, 3D Holographic Eyes
  • Consistent Depth Control Sinks 1-Foot Per Second
  • Strong Rolling Action & Flutter on Drop
  • Multi-Species Freshwater Gamefish
  • VMC Black Nickel Round Bend Hooks
  • Casting and Trolling
  • Hand-Tuned & Tank-Tested

Available in 2 Sizes

Lure Length - 5 Cm

Dive Depth - 2 to 4 Feet (0.6-1.2 Mt)

Lure Weight - 3.5 Gm

Lure Length - 7 Cm

Dive Depth - 3 to 5 Feet (0.9-1.5 Mt)

Lure Weight - 10 Gm

Now anglers can fish the Xtreme Attitude of the X Rap at any depth consistently. Rapala introduced the effective "CountDown" method back in the 60s. Since its introduction, the technique has enabled fishermen to consistently reach suspended fish at any depth. The X Rap CountDown models swim with a strong rolling action on the retrieve and flutter on the pause. Flat sides create a hard flash. Uniform construction processes ensure consistent sink rate for repeatable depth presentation.

DID YOU KNOW - The Countdown and X Rap Countdown series lures sink at a steady rate of 1 Feet per second and hence you can count them down to the depth you want them the be and thus they get their name.

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