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Tourdal is a Goan Tour Curator who conducts very scenic and unique backwater tours in and around the backwaters of North Goa. They offer a range of Kayak Tours, Luxury Yacht Tours, and many other activities in which you see a different side of Goa.

Embark on a journey with Tourdal Fishing Trips and dive into the thrilling world of fishing! Reel in prized catches like Indian Salmon, Red Snapper, and Barramundi, or simply unwind while basking in the breathtaking sunsets on our unforgettable fishing expeditions. Our seasoned guide will enhance your fishing experience with expert knowledge.

You can explore the depths of Goa's vibrant marine ecosystem with their intriguing insights, gaining a deeper understanding of the underwater realm as you cast your line. To keep you energized and ready for your adventure, they offer a selection of soft drinks, bottled water, and light snacks while you relax and get introduced to the beautiful world of fishing.

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Tourdal Fishing Trips Goa


Tourdal Fishing Trips: Pricing and Details:

- Maximum Guests: 4 people

- Price: INR 2,500 per person onwards

- Duration: 4 hours

- Inclusions: Live bait, fishing rods, handlines, lifejacket, guided tour

USP: Professional Fishing Technology

Experience the pinnacle of fishing excellence with Tourdal Fishing Trips, where cutting-edge technology elevates every moment on the water, ensuring a professional and highly efficient approach to catching your desired fish species.

This innovative technology can enhance your chances of a successful and rewarding fishing adventure, setting us apart as leaders in the industry. Join us to witness the seamless integration of expertise and technology, making every moment on the water truly exceptional.

Please note that all prices include:

- Services of our knowledgeable fishing guide

- Fascinating insights into Goa's marine ecosystem

- Complimentary soft drinks

- Bottled water

- Light snacks


Join Tourdal for a day of fishing, relaxation, and discovery like no other.


Contact Information:

- Email:

- Call/WhatsApp for Bookings:

  +91 78299 88755

   +91 97648 43056

  +91 97405 53555

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