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Persistence Pays

Angler Jerome Asir

This Angler Profile is about Angler Jerome Asir a quite popular and active angler from Tuticorin district, Tamilnadu, India. He loves to go angling at any chance he gets and being from the Coastal State of Tamil Nadu, he took too to saltwater Angling much like a fish to water.

Tricks and Jerome credits his love for fishing to Dickson to this date.


Angler Jerome Legendary Catch: Triumph Amidst Adversity

Jerome loves to catch Barracudas, Travelers & Mangrove Jacks with artificial lures and also loves fishing Travelers with dead baits. Fishing around his native of Pholiyarpuram in the Tuticorin district in the state of Tamil Nadu, Jerome considers Uvari, Manappadu, and Periyathaalai as his favorite go-to spots when he gets the urge to cast out a line. When asked where else among the world’s famous game fishing destinations he would love to go fishing, Maldives is the place he lists on top of all others.

Now to the interesting parts, Jerome’s best catch story yet! It was in the beginning of January 2021, bang in the middle of the first & second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic that Jerome was out fishing the waters around his town of Pholiyarpuram, hoping for some nice catches. But somehow it wouldn’t work and for 25 straight days he went without a bite. Not the one to give up easily, it was on Republic day 2021 that the Fish God’s finally chose to reward him for his persistence. It was after a few hours of fishing on the afternoon on 26th January, just when the sun had started to wind down, right at the stroke of 5 P.M, Jerome felt a strong bite taking his lure out over in the waters.  He felt the tug so hard, he knew this was a nice big one. And it indeed was!

Jerome kept at it for a good 30 minutes as he recalls the time full of joy, all the while making sure that he doesn’t let the fish snap his tackle. After a lot of patience and almost an eternity of effort, Jerome finally reeled in his catch. And a prize it was!! Jerome’s most memorable catch as yet as he calls it, happened to be a 19 Kg Giant Travelley!!! He prides on this catch and is full of cheer recalling it. After all it was his persistence and patience of 25 days, in this case, that finally paid off in the form of this 19 Kg Giant.


 Jerome Asir WIth GT's

Being the persistent Angler that he is, Jerome is yet to catch a Barramundi and wants to add this lovely fish to his otherwise large roster of catches. Having caught a number of Barracudas, Snappers and GT’s besides other fish, a good sized barra out there will soon be pulling at the end of his line, is something we can be certain about.


Angler Jerome: Lessons in Patience and Persistence


Jerome’s favourite memory around Angling happens to be the one time when he was out fishing the coast alone. As the day began to fall & it started to get dark, he thought of calling it quits for the day with no fish to take back home. So he packed up his bags and unhinged his rod getting ready to call it quits. But at this time, something told him that if he stayed along he would probably end up snaring something big. So listening to the voice in his heart, he rolled out his line and started fishing again. And once again he was rewarded for hanging in there. This time it happened to be in the form of a rich catch of 3 barracudas totally weighing 8 Kgs in a timespan of just 30 Minutes. So there are these lessons of patience in each of Jerome’s experiences which are there for any young angler for the taking – persistence and patience pays, so just hang in there. Our beloved sport of angling is so synonymous with patience and persistence, isn’t it? And it takes a while sometimes to get your prize which can be seen in each of these stories!


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  Angler Jerome Assir with Barra and Snapper

Jerome's Favorite Angling Gear: Rods Close to His Heart


Moving on to Jerome’s favourite Angling kits, Jerome likes the Xtreme – 5 , 300 rods when he goes Carp Fishing. This particular rod is close to his heart as it was the first rod he had purchased with his own money and thus holds a special place in his heart. And as far as his current favorite Rod goes, he says it is the Mitchell Fluid as it has helped him get some real big catches.

As for Jerome’s favorite Angling Brands, Jerome lists Halco, Z Man & Storm as his favorites.

We have a full list of Jerome’s Favourite Kit below

Rod: X Trem 5- 300 , Mitchell Fluid

Reel: Shimano Saragosa 6000, Shimano Nexave 5000

Line: Berkley fireline Braid , Noeby Infinite

Leader & line: Sufix Fluorocarbon 0.47mm




Mitchell Fluid Fishing Rods | 8 Ft | 9 Ft | 10 Ft



Sufix 100% Fluorocarbon Invisiline Leader





Shimano Nexave Spinning Reel | C5000HG

So this has been Jeromes story. You guys can say hello to Jerome or ask him about his Kit you can do so by writing to him on his social media handles on Instagram and facebook listed below and do follow his YouTube channel to watch some nice videos of his experiences.

Jerome himself likes to follow Cavy Fishing who he lists as one of his favourite fishing You tuber. You can get the link to the channel below!

“My fishing Stories” as we have now chosen to name them now, will be a series of short stories we will try to get to you around fishing, as and when time and tasks permit us. These will feature budding or established Anglers from India or stories of any memories and incidents around our beloved sport. We will try to tell you how Anglers first picked up their rods and got fishing. We will also try and bring to you the aspects they love about the sport and what are their favourite angling memories.

If our readers or any angler our readers know, feel should be featured in the series, please do drop us their names and contacts and we will try our best to cover them within our constraints. You can either mail us on or just drop us a message on any of our social media handles or on whatsapp.


Tight Lines




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