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Are you a newcomer to the wonderful world of fishing tackle, or perhaps you're a seasoned angler with years of experience? Regardless, you might find yourself curious about the various types of fishing tackle used by enthusiasts worldwide. After some thorough research and conversations with anglers from diverse regions and fishing environments – be it seas, ponds, brooks, streams, or rivers – we've compiled a comprehensive chart outlining the primary classes of fishing tackle items. Whether you're casting lines in the open ocean or dropping bait into a tranquil pond, this chart aims to serve as a handy reference for anglers of all levels.

We kept the details of the use of each and what situation one can use what, for later date as we take up each tackle piece in the days to come and thought let’s just start by charting the main ones and listing their main varieties. So if you decide to go fishing, you would most definitely need a Fishing Rod, Bait, Reel (or may be a spool), Fishing Line and a Hook (We mean for Rod fishing and not if you decide to shoot spears at your fish). If you are more into the traditional forms you may skip the reel and just stick to a spool to wind in the line but we still feel the majority now go with a reel. And so, we at fishermanshub.com decided to keep the reel as part of the 5 most important tackle pieces needed for fishing. Then you may throw in a weight and/or a float depending on the types of waters and the kind of fish you intend to ferret out. So these seven or rather let us say 5 + 2 form the main elements of your tackle equipment.


Main Varieties of Essential Fishing Tackle Pieces

So if you go to see broadly, fishing tackle has the main tackle pieces i.e the Rod, the Line, the Fishing Reel and the bait and what they call as Terminal Tackle. Terminal Tackle is all the parts of the anglers equipment, excluding artificial or natural baits, attached to the end of a fishing line and these include hooks, floats and sinkers, snaps, swivels, snap-swivels, plastic beads and other accessories and equipment that come in the Rod line and bait set up. Landing nets, lip grabbers and other accessories are peripheral fishing tools and not really part of the main setup. But then so to say, if you find yourself stranded on an island all by yourself and decide that you have to learn to fish for the life of it, you could save yourself by conjuring up the first 5 tackle pieces and then as the days go by and you decide to go for more varieties of fish and get more adventurous, you could as well concoct the other 2 and satiate your appetite.

So to start off we just decided to list the main varieties of these 7 tackle pieces that are known to mankind. Well many may stoke a debate about a few varieties that may be missing from the list and they may be using as their favorite and if you do feel so strongly, do drop us a line and we will be happy to deliberate and debate and update it in our list. So this being not an all-encompassing exhaustive list, is just the list of the main varieties of Fishing Rods, Fishing Reels, Fishing Lines, Fishing Bait, Weights and Floats that we thought are most used out there.


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A Chart of Various Types of Fishing Tackle used in Sports Fishing

Fishing Lures / Baits

> Soft Lures & Baits

> Mostly Plastic



> Soft Wood


> Hard Lures & Baits

> Wood



> Plastic



> Metal



> Combos


> Jigging Baits

> Metal



> Metal + Plastic



> Metal + Feather


> Spinners & Spoons

> Metal



> Metal + Plastic



> Wood + Metal


> Fly Baits

> Fabric



> Feather



> Fur



> Metal + One of the Above


> Food Baits

> Corn


(Including for Carps)

> Meat



> Chicken



> Intestines



> Other Meat Parts



> Fish & Prawn Parts



> Crabs



> Muscle



> Maize



> Tiger Nuts



> Potatoes & Tubers



> Dead Worms



> Bugs & Insects



> Various Flours



> Ground Grain or Seed/s Powder



> Bread



> Any other Food Items



> Processed Meat and Vege Combos


> Mixed / Modified Baits & Lures

> Combo of Plastics , Wood & Metal


> Live Baits

> Prawns



> Minows



> Crabs



> Muscles & Shell Fish



> Worms & Bugs



> Insects


> Other Baits & Lures

> Could be just anything







Fishing Rods

> Baitcasting Rods



> Spinning Rods



> Fly Fishing Rods



> Surf Fishing Rods



> Telescopic Rods



> Jigging Rods



> Overhead Rods








Fishing Reels

> Spincasting



> Spinning Reel



> Baitcasting Reel



> Surf Reels



> Offshore Fishing Reels



> Trolling Reels



> Fly Fishing Reels



>> Centerpin Reels



>> Spey



>> Fly Reels



>> Levelwind Reels








Fishing Lines

> Monofilament



> Cofilament



> Fluorocarbon



> Braid








Fishing Hooks

Single Hook



> Bait Holder



> Worm Hook



> Jigging Hook



> Circle Hook



> Weedless Hook



> Siwash Hook



> Octopus Hook



> Aberdeen Hook



> Kahle Hook



Double Hook



Treble Hook





Weights & Sinkers

> Barrel Sinkers



> Split Shots



> Pyramids



> Bullets



> Bass Casting Weights



> Keel Bars & Drail



> Bank Sinkers



> Drop Shots



> Bells





Floats & Bobbers




> Avon



> Bubble



> Dink



> Popper



> Quill



> Self Cocking



> Stick



> Waggler





So here you have it. Happy fishing and hope you find the equipment that suites your need right here on www.fishermanshub.com !

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