Cassan Enticer Hard Plastic Fishing Lures

Lure Colour: CSL142
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Cassan Enticer Hard Plastic Fishing Lures

  • Shallow diving, suspending lure
  • Ideal to fish just above rocky surfaces
  • Ideal for shallow water fishing with structures at the bottom

 Lure Length - 12 Cm

Lure Weight - 22 Gm

Dive Depth - 3 Feet

Shallow Diving lure which remains suspended on pause

The Cassan Enticer is a shallow diving suspending lure specially designed for shore fishing off the rocks or from a pier/jetty and also for inshore fishing from a boat. It can be effectively used for backwater fishing and fishing in the estuaries. With a maximum diving depth of only 3 feet it can be used in shallow waters with a rocky bottom. A suspending lure can be promisingly used with a pause and retrieve action to entice even the most cautious predators.

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