Mustad Saltism Trebles 4x Hooks 36330NP-DS

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Color: Dura Steel
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Mustad Saltism Trebles 4x Hooks 36330NP-DS

  • Delivered a 4x strong treble in the ultrapoint range - the saltism.
  • Featuring slimmer, chemically sharpened points for easier penetration
  • 4x trebles are 30% stronger and designed for brute strength.
  • Made with norwegian technology,
  • 4x trebles come in pre-packs of 5 hooks.

Mustad Saltism Treble hooks have a slightly wider gap than regular treble for better hook-ups. The shorter shank also reduces the occurrence of hooks tangling - always an issue when you upgrade your treble hooks. Lightweight, Durasteel coated for up to 600 hours of use in saltwater, forged for extra strength, and with an in-line eye designed specifically for use on lures, the Mustad UltraPoint 4x trebles will become a staple for anglers who retrofit their lures for species such as seabass, groupers, mangrove jack, and trevally. Even in Freshwater fishing, this hook will not open to Giant Snakeheads, Peacock Bass, the Asian Arowana, and many more species of fish! Overall, these hooks are one of the best to use in Singapore’s waters. They work especially great for Grouper Fishing by the breakers.


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