Rapala Husky Magnum Hardbait Lures

Length: 14 Cm
Lure Colour: WAHOO UV
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Rapala Husky Magnum Hardbait Lures

    • Heavy Duty Plastic
    • Holographic Foil
    • Through Wire Construction
    • Slow Rising
    • Trolling Runs 15' or 25'
    • Inshore Gamefish Species
    • Rugged VMC 4X Perma Steel Hooks

Model Running Depth Body Length Weight Treble Hooks
HMAG15 15 Ft/ 4.5 Mt 14 CM/ 5.5 Inch 1-1/4 oz./ 36 Gm Two No. 2/0
HMAG25 25 Ft/ 7.5 Mt 16 CM/ 6.25 Inch 2-3/8 oz./66 Gm Two No. 4/0

This heavy-duty, high speed trolling lure is built for battling large predators. Translucent body, internal scale pattern, flash foil and distinct high-frequency rattle combine to create attraction like no other. Heavy-duty through wire construction and 4X VMC Perma Steel hooks withstand the stresses of demanding use. Trolls up to 12 knots without failure.


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