Line Thickness: 0.25MM
Line Length: 110Yd/100Mt
Line Colour: Black
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  • High-performance braided line (100% HMPE) with PE WaxShield coating
  • Near zero stretch, easy casting and handling
  • High strength and abrasion resistance
  • Multicolor System

Diameter Break Strength(Kg) Break Strength(Lb) PE
0.12 mm 8.1 18 0.6
0.15 mm 10 20 0.8
0.18 mm 13.5 30 1
0.20 mm 18 40 1.5
0.25 mm 22.5 50 2
0.30 mm 27 60 3
0.35 mm 36 80 4.5
0.40 mm 45 100 6
0.50 mm 67.5 150 9
0.60 mm 90 200 12

Length - 100 Mtrs/250 Mtrs

Sufix Matrix Pro Metered is a unique, high-performance braid with WaxShield coating and utilizes the Sufix Multicolor System. It has all of the qualities that anglers look for: high strength, ease in handling, near zero stretch and easy casting.

Our special matrix braiding process creates a rounder line which performs much better than traditional flat braids. A rounder braid makes your casts smoother, therefore enhancing your casting accuracy and distance. Made with 100% HMPE fibers to ensure that your line achieves the highest strength to diameter ratio while offering high sensitivity and quick hook-sets.

Matrix Pro Metered features a PE WaxShield that brings incredible toughness and abrasion resistance. It is a robust line for big lures and big fish. If you are targeting pike or zander, try this line.

This line’s features are otherwise identical to that of Sufix Matrix Pro, except that it utilizes the Sufix Multicolor System. Every 10 meters has its own base color. Within the 10-meter segment each meter is marked with a 5 cm long red line stripe and every 5-meter section is indicated by a 20 cm long back stripe. The five base color sequence is repeated throughout the full length of the line.

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