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Angler Aman Levine

“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not the fish they are after.”

My Name is Aman Levine and this is my Fishing chronicle. 


As we know fishing has been traced as long as humanity existed, probably at that time it was for way much for survival, and now for some like me it’s a sport. A sport filled with art, science, logic, skill, patience, and many more.


In the same way, the zeal for fishing was inherited by my ancestors, especially my Mother in her younger days used to go fishing at the banks of rivers along with her sisters in Goa. That somehow got into me and throughout my childhood, the craze about catching tiny fishes from ponds and rivers and decorating them in clear glass bowls put a smile on my face and heart.


Angler Aman Levine: Devoted to Explore the Depths of Fishing

Slowly the game got bigger when during college I learned about bait fishing and the use of sophisticated tools that would ease the process of fishing caught my attention, I still remember my first rod and reel setup the GX2 ugly stick and Gander 4000 series reel that came from a friend from US, considering my madness about the sport.  I’ve had the majority of my catches on this setup may it be live bait, dead bait, carp, sea tournament anything for say I’ve got some of my trophy fishes on them. Now the arsenal had grown and so has the experience.


I take pride in enjoying both Sweet and Saltwater fishing, still finding the sport so amazing as day 1. Still looking for a heart-pleasing big pelagic catch.


This sport will go on with me till the end as Fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it.


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Aman’s current favourite gear sets are listed below


TOP 5 LURES: Aman keeps experimenting with different lures

RodDaiwa Phantom Power

Reel: Daiwa Fuego 8000 LT

Line : Duel Hard Core 0.32 MM

Leader: Shimano Ocea

Say hello to Aman on Instagram here below and do follow his YouTube channel for some great fishing videos.


Daiwa Phantom Snapper Spinning Rod

March 8, 2022

    • High-Performance Graphite Blanks

    • Fuji Alconite K Guides

    • Daiwa Designed Oval Reel seats

    • Custom EVA Split Grip

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