BKK Jigging Light Single Hooks

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BKK Jigging Light Single Hooks

    • For medium and fast jigging applications.
    • Hand-Ground hook point technology
    • Razor-sharp hook point providing excellent penetration
    • Superior grinding and welding technology to minimize the diameter of the hook eye
    • Bright tin coating for high corrosion resistance to salt water

Size Quantity Intensity
1/0 9 Aprx.14.5kg
2/0 8 Aprx.16kg
3/0 7 Aprx.17.5kg
4/0 7 Aprx.23kg

BKK 8070-3X-HG is a fine wire jigging hook designed for a variety of fish species worldwide. This hook is designed for instant hookup set upon contact with the fish, as well as high tensile strength and superior rust protection for lasting performance. It also has a wide gap and a slim welded ring eye for easy ring attachment, not to mention our signature razor sharp hand ground hook point!

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