Shimano Hyperloop Spinning Reel

Model: 6000 FB
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Shimano Hyperloop Spinning Reel

  • Great small-sized fishing reel suitable for light fishing such as lakes, bays, rivers, and more
  • Dyna-Balance
  • Aero-wave line lay
  • Graphite spool and body
  • Power roller
  • P3
  • Reel Comes without Box.



Model Line
Power Pro Line
Bearings Max Drag
Gear Ratio   Weight

HL 6000FB

10/300    12/265    14/210     20/120

0.30/270 0.35/240 0.40/140 0.45/110 1 6 4.9:1 500g


 The Shimano Hyperloop is a great value reel that will provide long service with minimal issues. Some of the features found on the Shimano Hyperloop 2500 fishing reel are the same features that are found on more expensive Shimano fishing reels. Reel Made with a super resistant graphite body and reel, the Hyperloop is perfect for all types of fishing. Ideal for saltwater fishing due to its robust construction. Having Dyna-Balance, the Hyperloop doesn’t wobble around when winding, and the Aero-wave feature ensures that the line lays properly and doesn’t leave the reel in clumps causing line knots.P3 epitomizes Shimano’s goals with this range of fishing reels-Power, Precision, and Performance. Power comes from the smooth and strong gears and drag, while Precision is demonstrated in the accurate line lay and tight tolerances, and Performance is the combination of all of the features found in the Shimano Hyperloop, showing these reels to be an excellent choice for those looking for a great value entry-level fishing reel.

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